We at ICCS guarantee the work we do and guarantee your satisfaction we have never encountered something could not resolve, below is the list for many computer and server issues you mostly deal with.

· Laptops repair (All Brands)
· Computer Consulting Services
· Computer Maintenance
· Computer virus removal
· Data Back Up issues and recovery
· Firewall (CISCO, Fortinet)
· Email migration to office 365
· Network and Hardware Consultancy
· Internet Connection problems
· Internet Security Issues
· Microsoft Server 2012 repair
· Microsoft Server 2016 repair
· Microsoft Exchange 2013/2016 repair
 .Microsoft Exchange Online Service Provider
· Wireless Networking Issues
· Network Consulting
· Network Design
· Network Maintenance
· OnSite Computer Repair
· Printer repair and network printing
· Remote Access to Networks
· Server Hardware Installation and Configuration
· Server Repair
· Spam Blocking
· Spyware removal
· Windows 7/8/10 Repair
· Microsoft Products Licensing (Volume Licensing and OEM) 



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