Home Automation

Wireless Solutions Wireless Home automation system:
wireless communication system that forms a network between home electronics, appliances and a central control device. Using low-powered radio waves, this technology allows you to automate the operations of connected and compatible devices to control home electronic functions like the times and conditions of lights, window shades or thermostat settings.
Think of all the individual electronics you have to set for even the most basic daily activities. How many buttons on how many remote controls do you push just to watch a DVD movie? How many lights and appliances on laundry day? How many doors and lights to check before you leave for an evening out? What if you could control all of these with a single unified action? we give you the power — wirelessly, and throughout your home
– Wireless control technology (no more wiring or re-wiring your house ) – Inclusion and safety (with a single push button your house will react) – Energy conservation (The controller can also schedule lights and appliances to turn off in   certain parts of the home at times when they are not in use) – Compatibility and availability (integration with all appliances) – Resistance to interference (operates on a lower frequency than most other wireless devices) – Add as you go (begin small and expend it later) – Less expensive – Remote home control and management (control every appliance from any corner in your   house and from anywhere in the world as well ) – safety and security systems (Fire & Intrusion detection integration) – Home entertainment (DVD, Players ,…) – Ability to have your electronics work together as a team