EXIDE IT850 230Ah Inverter Battery

285 $ add 11% Vat at 1,507.5 LBP rate


No.1 Battery Worldwide


Exide INVA tubular IT850 batteries are made using the most advanced Torr Tubular technology and they are made for Home UPS and Inverter applications usage. They have rough internal things required for withstanding frequent and long power cuts. The thick tubular plates cast in high-pressure Hadi casting machines which ensure a long life. This result to steady discharge of battery, which means it will sustain for long time.
Exide Inva Tubular IT850 batteries designed for home UPS and Inverter applications.

Specifications: Download Datasheet: EXIDE IT850

Brand: EXIDE
Model: IT850
Type: Tubular Acid
Capacity: 230Ah
Dimensions: 535(L)x215(W)x480(H)
Weight: 78Kg
Country of Origin: India


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