LIVGUARD Tubular Battery 12V-230AH Deep Cycle

230 $ add 11% Vat at 1,507.5 LBP rate



  • Super TUFF Grid Design with double side pasting for longer battery life.
  • Tubular Plates with Gauntlets, made of special fabric having ultra-fine pores and high permeability to ensure higher backup and longer life.
  • NAM with Active Carbon: Increased reaction surface area for higher backup.
  • Futuristic Design: New-age premium design with durable high-quality material.
  • Low Antimony alloy – Lesser water consumption and reduced water top-up.
  • Optimized Negative paste recipe for fast charge acceptance.
  • Robust Tubular with High pressure die-cast spine – rate of grid corrosion is very low & higher float life.
  • Ceramic Vent Plugs- Special ceramic vent plugs for controlled acid fumes.
  • Highest purity CP Grade Sulfuric Acid for increased storage life.

Specifications: Download Datasheet: Livguard-230-ah-Datasheet

Brand: Livguard
Model: IT230EXTT
Type: Tubular Acid
Capacity: 230Ah
Dimensions: 505(L)x190(W)x410(H)
Weight: 65.6Kg
Country of Origin: India


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